Monday, January 26, 2009

Digital Image processing in C#, and C++

I have been working on some image processing projects. I prepared two versions of image processing software in C#, and C++. There are a lot of functions and tools which if you want to get familiar to the mathematical formulas please check “Digital Image Processing, Second Edition – Rafael C.Gonzalez, Richard E.Woods”. The C++ version is much faster than the C# version, but you can only open and save BMP files with that whereas you can open different file formats using Bitmap class in C# and convert them to other formats too. In C# version you can open the file using the openfiledialog and then you need to copy the image from the original window to the working window and then apply the filters.

In C++ version pass the name of the image as an argument, and after the image is opened copy that to the source window, right click and from the popup menu apply the filter you want.

There are some more functions in C++ that I will add them soon in future to the C# version.

In order to use C++ version you need to copy OpenGL files to your computer.

I will provide more details about the functions in future posts.

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